With pressure mounting more and more to sell deliciously flavored sugar water, Kool Aid found it hard to get through the day. During a commercial shoot, sitting around between takes and being taunted by kids as "Lardo" and "Buffalo Butt", he found it difficult to get motivated to crash through a wall and look happy about it. A grip on the set noticed him and approached him with a little baggy of white chrystal like powder. With the infamous words of Whitney Houston "Crack is Whack" running through his head he broke down and inhaled the white gold. Full of energy and happy happy joy joy, he jumped up ready to go bust a wall down. The director yelled action and Kool Aid busted through the wall with so much energy he flattened three kids like a steam roller over candy. Horrified he ran off the set. He turned more and more to the sweet white powder to help stave of depression, eventually getting up to a cup a day for every pitcher he drank. Last anyone ever saw of poor Kool Aid, he was panhandling at a freeway off ramp in Los Angeles California Eventually, I found him in my own backyard, discarded like a dog toy. He'd lost a gazillion pounds and his face frozen in a sugar high smile. True story, I swear. :)