Our Daily Challenge: A Portrait From Behind Yeah, I know, cheat! :) It's raining outside and it's supposed to rain all day and I have to go to work this afternoon. I don't really want to take my camera out into the rain so I've been pacing the floor on what to do. After two trips over the cats (they paced with me) I was looking at the photo I posted to Our Daily Topic and thought to myself, that looks like a scene from a movie. I was reminded of the big Drive-In screens of the past my parents used to take me to. My mind started thinking, how can I incorporate that into a photo. Then I remembered. As I was pacing and tripping over the cats, I stepped on my little yellow car. I can make a Drive-In scene using my little characters and cars and I can utilize the scanner as the tarmac. I will shoot them from behind and thus the challenge of A Portrait From Behind. Yes, thats the image I posted to Our Daily Topic :)