Name: Karianna (aka Kari) Nemari Age: 27 Gender: Female Class/Job/Etc: Huntress/mage Skills/Abilities/Magic: -Skilled Hunter and Tracker -Has acquired the ability to understand some animals, including her dog, Rocca, who follows her everywhere. -Has some shifting magic which is mainly used to change her staff into a variety of weapons (image shows sword). She sometimes makes changes to her physical appearance as well as Rocca’s. Weapons: Karianna’s only weapon is her Staff. Known Staff forms: Sword, Shield, and Bow that shoots bolts of white energy. Bio: Karianna grew up in Kaleem. There she learned to hunt and commune with the animals that she had loved since a small child. When her training was near complete, Karianna’s grandfather gifted his Staff to her and began to teach her to expand her shifting magic to change her weapon. Unfortunately, Karianna’s grandfather died of illness before her lessons were completed. Karianna promised herself that she would learn every secret that her magic held for the Staff. She continued to work with her Staff for years until she heard rumors told of the birth of the new Head Shaman. In the years after her grandfather’s death, she learned of the silent division of her great Pandellor. She wants to see the lands reunite and will do what she can to help Meliana. She loves her people and does not like to see them in such conflict with their neighbors. She does not hate those who use technology and ignore nature. Rather, she pities them. She thinks them to be young and foolish at heart.